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4 septembre 2016

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"Je crois au sursaut national parce que je crois à la raison, parce que j'ai confiance dans le peuple."

Marine Le Pen revient sur l'actualité de l'été sans détours tout en expliquant sa vision de la France de demain, rappelant le rôle d'un chef d'Êtat. Un vrai discours de présidente qui manque cruellement à la France depuis trop d'années. 
Quelques extraits en anglais pour nos amis du monde entier sous la vidéo :

"I got my distance with the futile to concentrate on the essential, and meet the French.
The silent revolution that runs through society does not come from elites but from the depths of the country.
Our generation of French bears a prominent responsibility before history.
How could those who we have led us to the bankruptcy be men of the situation ?
Nothing is inevitable. He must believe in politics. See the British who have chosen their fate!
You know, the referendum on our membership of the European Union, I'll do it in France.
Rather than invest on French agriculture, they have ruined tens of thousands of farms.
We will soon launch a new collective, turned towards the countryside: @vivrecampagnes.
Our Minister announced the end of negotiations of the TAFTA? A European Commissioner he was recalled to the order!
The so-called anti-racism, inherently racist actually advances the deleterious communitarianism.
About Sisco, the media spoke of tensions"between Maghreb community and Corsican community"...
As if the Corsican in Corsica were one 'Community' among others !...
Write into the Constitution:" the Republic does not recognize any Community...  Point !
It is the mission of the policy do not bend, calmly analyse the strategies of guilt.
I remember this today neglected evidence: the woman is the equal of man, at any point, anywhere !
Sarkozy is the champion of the anti-Islamic made allegiance to the global promoter of Wahhabism !
In my view, the head of State must be an able to ascend beyond the subordinate character.
Chair, is to lead a Nation to its unity, its prosperity, its political and cultural influence.
Chair actually needs to be free, which is the case of none of my suspected opponents.
The designers of the euro, to left or right-handed, confess now in private that they have made a mistake.
"Our project is based on the rejection of individualism, of the everything-money, the consumerist logic."
We refuse the aberrant right ground that relegates our nationality to a simple administrative situation.
The circumstances require the coolness, control and a sovereign serenity, the mark of the authority.
Against the system that sacrifices security and freedom we choose law, order, the Republic.
Let's put our diplomacy, freed from NATO, in accordance with our political and military objectives.
I believe the national burst because I believe in the reason, because I trust in the people.
The battle that we will carry out is the most beautiful, most: the battle for the France !"

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